Regala Healing-Poems by Paulina Van, PhD

Regala Healing-Poems by Paulina Van, PhD

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These poems are addicting! The 100 healing narratives which emerged in the form of anaphoric, lyrical poetry will entice you to read each one until you are intoxicated, moved, and soothed by them. The poems are straight from Van’s heart and rooted in unspoken life experiences. There is no pretentiousness of passion, no avoidance of truth, and no prevention of feelings. The poems are all about self-realization, self-feeling, self-care, self-beliefs, self-vulnerability, self-consciousness, self-changing, self-improvement, self-control, self-confidence, and ultimately self-love that relies on God’s hand. One cannot help but be moved by reading these poems and drawing their energy of strength and love.


Van trusts that sharing herself with unabated transparency may potentiate your healing as it has hers. Although these poems are rooted in her personal life experiences, they might also call forth your own feelings and truths. You, too, can open yourself to the internal conversation these poems might spark, even—or especially—if you can’t see where that conversation might lead.


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